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Wall Bars

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Classic piece of gym equipment that serves as a platform for a multitude of exercises as well as adds visual interest to any interior.

Wall bars is a truly multifunctional piece of fitness equipment. You can use them on their own as well as attach additional equipment, like our adjustable bar, gymnastic rings or resistance bands.

Top bar is slightly offset for hanging exercises. The shorter version works well for persons under 180 cm (5.9′) height while the taller version is optimal for persons over 175 cm (5.7′) height, ceiling height permitting. Going too short means that you will have to bend your knees when hanging from the top bar. Going too tall means that you won’t reach the top bar easily while standing on the ground.

This product is made of solid wood of selected species and decorative brass details.

Absolute Classic

Throughout the decades wall bars have been an essential in all sorts of gym environments – from schools to luxury hotels.

And no wonder – they take so little space but offer so many options to improve your strength, mobility, flexibility and balance.

Truly Universal

Wall bars is also a perfect platform for a whole range of accessories, including our adjustable bar, gymnastic rings, sling trainers and resistance bands.

This allows for dozens of different exercises and endless variations and takes out boredom from your exercise routine.

And when you are done exercising, simply attach our writing desk add-on turning the ladder into a workstation.

Something for Everyone

Wall bars are suitable for everybody – from seniors taking care of their joint health to seasoned rock climbers conditioning their bodies for the next adventure.

It’s also a perfect platform for kids to develop their strength, mobility and coordination. And it’s so much fun!

Perfected Design

These wall bars feature a unique design that is thought-through to the tiniest detail.

The rungs are ergonomically shaped for comfortable grip. The top rung is slightly offset to ease pressure on your wrists when hanging back to the wall.

Fixing to the wall is discreet – fasteners go straight through the side elements and are covered by custom-made brass plugs.

After all, these wall bars are a thing of beauty – they can easily serve as a focal point of any interior.

Solid Construction

This product is made from premium grades of solid wood – walnut, oak, ash and maple.

We source our wood from reliable suppliers who can ensure the wood comes from sustainably managed forests.

Each component is made by skilled artisans in our own workshop. We guarantee that you will receive a product that is durable and of high quality.

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