REED Pull-Up Bar

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For those creating an exceptional home gym, our signature pull up bar attachment for the REED Wall Bar promises a richer, diversified workout experience. Inspired by the timeless grace of nature, this chin up bar brings a touch of refined elegance to home gym equipment.

Constructed using traditional wood joinery methods, the strength of this pull up bar defies its graceful appearance. Brushed metal details shimmer against a backdrop of premium hardwood, while a hand-stitched safety strap — crafted from top quality Italian leather — ensures the bar remains securely anchored. Its ingenious design allows effortless height adjustments, catering to an array of exercises — from pull-ups, chin-ups, and muscle-ups, to barre fitness sessions when positioned lower. Additionally, this versatile bar provides an anchor for gymnastic rings or suspension trainers, truly embracing the full spectrum of dynamic workouts.

– Traditional wood joinery for added strength
– Hand-stitched premium leather safety strap
– Elegant brass or stainless steel details
– Effortless height adjustment
– Ships fully assembled

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REED Pull-Up Bar
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