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Pull-up & Dip Station

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Our unique take on pull-up and dip station. This piece of fitness furniture allows for a variety of strength exercises, including pull-ups, dips, and assisted rows. It can also be used as a platform for gymnastic rings, sling trainers or resistance bands.

Changing bar height is very easy and brass safety pin prevents the bar from falling down accidentally.

The shorter version works well for persons under 180 cm (5.9′) height while the taller version is optimal for persons over 175 cm (5.7′) height, ceiling height permitting. Going too short means that you will have to bend your knees when hanging from the bar set at the top position.

Made of solid wood of selected species and decorative brass details.


  • Height – 230 cm (7.6′) or 260 cm (8.6′)
  • Main board width – 18 cm (7.1″)
  • Pull-up bar width – 120 cm (47.2″)
  • Pull-up bar distance from main board – 33 cm (13″)
  • Dip bar projection from the main board – 58 cm (22.8″)
  • Bar diameter – 3.6 cm (1.4″)


Solid wood of selected species, decorative brass details.


User weight limit – 120 kg (265 lbs).

Installation Options

There are two main methods of installation:

  • Resting four hollow brass supports against the wall and driving fasteners through the face of wooden board, through brass supports and into the wall. This requires hard wall surface as well as solid material behind each brass support (they are 7 cm or 2.8″ apart). This installation method usually works well with solid walls but does not work with timber frame walls since studs are too narrow to accept both fasteners. If this installation method is chosen, expansion fasteners for solid walls are supplied. If different wall fasteners are required for a specific case, they should be selected and sourced by the installer.
  • Using special wooden mounting blocks as a connecting part between brass supports and the wall. Mounting blocks are attached to the main board using supplied bolts and nuts. Mounting blocks can be drilled/screwed and attached to the wall using suitable fasteners. Wall fasteners in this case are not included and should be selected and sourced by the installer.

Note: The first installation method requires hard surface. If solid wall is covered with soft surface material, brass supports may compress and/or crack the surface. In this case, using wooden mounting blocks may be desirable as they distribute the pressure more evenly.

We will contact you to confirm your preferred installation option after your order is received.

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